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Impagnatiello trial, second interrogation of the former barman: “I don’t think I’m crazy, I was a vessel saturated with lies”

Alessandro Impagnatiello he returns to the courtroom at the trial which sees him as the only defendant and confessed to the murder of Giulia Tramontano. “I’m not crazy, I hoped so, but I don’t think I am,” says the former barman in prison for killing his 7-month pregnant partner a year ago. At the previous hearing he had answered questions by speaking for over five hours, reconstructing the last months of his relationship with Giulia and recounting the details of the killing of the woman on 27 May 2023 and the attempts to hide her body.

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«Revealing to Giulia that I was cheating on her was yet another symptom that my head was going crazy. That’s not to say I was crazy, but I was a vessel saturated with lies and falsehoods and I wasn’t used to telling lies. It was as if something had overflowed, as if I had to empty it because something was eating me inside,” said the 31-year-old. He cannot give reasons for his behavior. “I don’t know why I confessed to the betrayal, just as I don’t know why I allowed the other girl to see my cell phone where my whole life with Giulia was.”

Giulia Tramontano
Giulia Tramontano

Impagnatiello continued to talk about a peaceful discussion with Giulia on the evening of the murder, but a neighbor spoke of the scream of a distraught and angry woman. «I learned about the number 37 in prison, in front of the TV I mimed the gesture of a hand 37 times: I said no, there is a mistake, not that there is a correct number, let’s be clear, but it is a frightening figure. I became aware of this in prison. I mimed the gesture with my hand, today I don’t understand how it could have happened. Why did he initially say 3 and not 37 or a thousand? There is no explanation.”

«I regained contact with reality hours later. Part of me understood what had happened, another part of me continued to struggle. The first real contact with reality the next day when I went to the police. I remember cleaning the whole house without concentrating.” This is how you responded to a question from the president of the Court of Assizes, Antonella Bertoja.

The prosecutor accuses Impagnatiello of the messages exchanged with the other woman while he was at Ibiza. «In three days we find 500 messages. Photos, videos and more.” He replies: «she wrote to me: have you arrived? How are you? I was late in replying, I had distanced myself much further than usual. It was responding to 10-20 messages from him, a tiny thing compared to everyday life.”

Tells that name Thiago it was among his preferences, Giulia liked it, but it wasn’t the definitive choice. You talk about a hypothetical move to Ibiza. «After confessing to Giulia about the parallel story, she returned to Naples alone. Upon her return to Milan I recanted because I felt bad when faced with her leaving me, I couldn’t lose her, she was my future. I wanted to resume our path which had become tortuous for a few months.”

In this hearing Alessandro Impagnatiello also spoke about his relationship with his first son. “He was like the little brother I never had”, he said, answering the defenders’ questions about the child who lives with his mother. «I was 21 years old and I was living the life of a 21 year old, when he was born it was like he was my little brother. Thanks to him I quickly climbed a professional path favorable to me, I always wanted more to give to the child. It’s a normal thing for every parent and I was very proud when he asked me to be the parent representative in his class.”

Making spontaneous declarations before the Assize Court he added: «I want to live this new existence that I have before me to repay the enormous debt I have towards the world. I have only one possibility of redemption and I will try in every way to repay the crumbs. of a debt I have with the world. In recent months I have mechanically carried on my existence more than my life, today it is as if it were the hearing on May 27th. It was important for me to be there on that symbolic date, I wanted to be there out of a sense of duty and responsibility. I believe I have found the purpose of my life today, to do something based on the possibilities that will be given to me over the years.”

Before the hearing the mother of Giulia Tramontano he wrote a message on social media remembering his daughter. «It is no longer a time for horror, it is no longer a time for lies, selfishness and malice. Anyone who has crossed paths with you on the path of life will retain a sweet memory today that will remain an indelible mark on their soul.” The woman’s family members are not in the courtroom.

Source: Vanity Fair

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