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In 2024 the Apocalypse Clock will strike midnight which means the end of humanity

The famous Apocalypse Clock it is expected to show midnight in 2024, which means the end of humanity, based on its symbolism.

“When the clock strikes midnight, it means there will be some kind of nuclear disaster or catastrophic climate event that will wipe out humanity. We never really want to get there,” said the CEO of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Rachel Bronson.

In accordance with unilad.com, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, known as the Doomsday Clock, was founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein and other scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project to build the first atomic bomb. Every year these experts “move” the hands of the clock, examining the situation prevailing in the world.

Since 1947 it has undertaken this “symbolic” task and measures how close humanity is to a global catastrophe.

After World War II the clock showed 7 minutes to midnight. In 1992, with the end of the Cold War, the clocks dropped to 17 minutes before midnight. In 1953, 2018 and 2019 they reached 2 minutes before midnight.

However, in 2023 it reached 90 seconds before midnight and now scientists are making ominous predictions, due to the war in Ukraine, but also in Israel.

Source: News Beast

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