In a book, Angelina Jolie calls on children to fight for their rights

In a book, Angelina Jolie calls on children to fight for their rights

The famous American actress states that she wants to empower children all over the world Angelina Jolie offering them the means to “fight” for their rights through a book he co-authored with Amnesty International.

“Know Your Rights and Claim Them” is the title of a book co-authored by Jolie with human rights lawyer and advocate Geraldine Van Buuren, one of the authors of the UN Convention on Human Rights. of Children in 1989. The aim of the book is to provide children with the necessary knowledge to deal with injustices against them.

“Too many children around the world are at risk and we just aren’t doing enough,” Jolie told Reuters. “These are their rights, which were defined years ago based on what will make them healthy, balanced, safe and stable adults,” the Athenian News Agency added.

The American actress, who is a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), expressed the book’s hope that it would also remind governments of their commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Jolie also explained that she has posted the Convention at her home for her six children to see, and said she was surprised to learn that the United States had not ratified it. “It infuriated me and made me start to wonder what that means,” he said.

The book touches on topics such as identity, justice, education and child protection, among others, while offering advice to children on how they can engage in activist action and how to securely assert their rights.

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