In a show of strength, Taliban parade with US-made weapons

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the forces of Taliban held a military parade in Kabul, the capital of the Afghanistan, this Sunday (14) using captured US armored vehicles and Russian helicopters in a demonstration that they have gone from being an insurgent force to becoming a regular standing army.

The Taliban operated as insurgent fighters for two decades, but used the large stockpile of weapons and equipment left behind when the former West-backed government entered into force. collapse in august, in order to renew your arsenal.

The parade came as a result of the graduation of 250 newly trained soldiers, Defense Ministry spokesman Enayatullah Khwarazmi said.

The exercise involved dozens of US-made M117 armored vehicles slowly driving down one of Kabul’s main avenues with MI-17 helicopters patrolling overhead. Many soldiers carried American-made M4 assault rifles.

Most of the weapons and equipment that Taliban forces are now using were provided by Washington to the government supported by the USA in Kabul in an attempt to build an Afghan national force capable of fighting the insurgents.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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