In Berlin, Gilberto Gil complains that tour instruments are not enough for the show

In Berlin, Gilberto Gil complains that tour instruments are not enough for the show

Touring Europe with his show “We, A Gente”, Gilberto Gil told on his Twitter that the musicians’ instruments did not arrive in Germany, where he performs this Tuesday (5).

“Gil and the band have been waiting for the instruments since yesterday to play the show today in Berlin. @airfrance, where is our gear?” the message asked.

— Gilberto Gil (@gilbertogil) July 5, 2022

The airline Air France responded to Gil’s tweet, stating that “all services are mobilized to restore this situation as quickly as possible. If you need it, contact us via DM with more information”.

In a statement, the company said it was “acting to send luggage to Berlin” and said it was “currently experiencing a greater number of incidents involving luggage” due to operational problems and a strike by luggage operators at Paris Airport.

A series of strikes by workers at the French capital’s main international airport have been carried out, and another strike is expected to take place between 8 and 10 July. Employees are pressing for salary readjustments and better working conditions.

The increase in passenger traffic, and the lack of employee flights, has caused chaos in Europe’s airports this summer.

Another one that is being hampered is Heathrow, in London, which led the British government to announce that it will relax laws to speed up hiring, as well as launch a platform to recruit and train employees for airlines, as well as a loan program for commercial airports.

The “We, A Gente” tour started on July 2nd in Casablanca, Morocco, and after Berlin, goes on to Italy, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and England.

Check out the full Air France statement:

“Air France is aware of the case involving singer Gilberto Gil and his team and is already working on sending luggage to Berlin on flights this Tuesday (07/05).

Due to a problematic operational situation at several airports around the world, and following a strike by some Paris Airport baggage handlers on July 1, Air France is currently experiencing an increased number of incidents involving baggage.

Baggage teams at airports and call centers have been strengthened and are fully mobilized to ensure that delayed items are delivered to affected customers as soon as possible. Air France regrets this situation and apologizes to the impacted customers.”

Source: CNN Brasil