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In Brazil, “Bridgerton” actors publish video: “Excited to see them”

The actors Nicola Coughlan It is Luke Newton, interpreters of the characters Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, in that order, in the series “Bridgerton”, arrived in Brazil this weekend as part of a world tour to promote the 3rd season of the production, which premiered on Netflix last Thursday (16).

In Rio de Janeiro for the event, Nicola and Luke recorded a special video for Brazilian fans this Sunday afternoon (19).

“Hello Brazil! Hi, Polin stans”, they said, referring to the nickname that the couple in the series received from fans. “We are here to visit you. We are so excited to see you and loving your wonderful country. We can’t wait to see you”, they add.


Without further details about what we can expect from the actors' arrival, Netflix only released the tour stops, which take place at Netherlands , Australia , South Africa , Ireland , England , United States, Brazil, Canada, Italy It is Poland.

Last month, the streaming platform had already announced that “special presences” would travel around the world to mark the premiere of the 3rd season of the series.

In “Bridgerton”, Nicola and Luke play two childhood friends who begin to realize feelings beyond friendship. The final episodes of the series arrive on Netflix on June 13th.

Source: CNN Brasil

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