In “Brutal Pact”, Gloria Perez says that her daughter’s murder would have been an affront to her

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the documentary “Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez” brought to light, after 30 years, details of the investigation into the murder of the actress and dancer Daniella Perez in 1992.

In the five episodes that contemplate the series, from HBO Max the victim’s mother, writer and screenwriter Gloria Perez, makes revelations about her perception of the crime.

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The show begins with Gloria identifying new evidence and tracking down other witnesses who help expose the authorities’ mistakes in the case-solving process and who helped trace the actress’ path to the place of her death.

Throughout the first episode, the writer recalls one of the saddest moments, when, when touching her daughter’s body, “her hand recoiled, horrified…”. “In contact, you realize what happened, the person’s cold (Daniella)”.

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At first, Gloria believed it was a robbery, as her daughter was carrying a sum of $6,000 for a down payment on a car. “I asked delegate Serrano (in charge of the case) if they had located her purse and he said no.”

But, when called to appear at the police station, Gloria found the chief with a list of actors and actresses who worked with Daniella. He then went on naming the names until he came to William of Padua when, immediately, he said: “Don’t say anything [sobre de Pádua] because no one will believe that he did it… He will run away, escape the act and we will not arrest him anymore”.

According to the documentary, Guilherme, despite the suspicion of his participation in the crime, asked them to let Gloria know that he would like to be by her side when the funeral took place. “Do you know what it’s like to hear a message like that next to a dead daughter?”, says the writer.

hire a lawyer

When police chief Mauro Magalhães takes over the case, Gloria says that a cousin told her that “the man who was taking over the investigation was very controversial and had been denounced in the history of the Petrópolis house, which became known as a torture center at the time of the dictatorship”.

In the middle of the investigation, a thesis emerged that Daniella had bothered Guilherme with affective issues and that this would have led him to commit the crime, because he actually loved his wife, Paula Nogueira de Almeida Thomaz.

With these statements coming to light, the screenwriter and writer says her father warned her about the need to hire a lawyer.

“The girl was the victim of a brutal crime and she needed, on the day she was buried, to have someone to defend her”.

Daniella’s death

Hours before the murder, actor and soap opera colleague Sandro Siqueira asked Daniella if she had already told her mother about the persecution of Guilherme during the recordings and she would have replied that she did not, as she “did not want to harm anyone”.

So Siqueira replied that if she didn’t tell him, he would the next day. “However, there was never tomorrow”, recalls Gloria.

In the second episode of “Pacto Brutal”, the writer says that Guilherme considered that if his character did not stay with Yasmin (Daniella’s role in “De Corpo e Alma”) at the end of the telenovela, it would be a loss of prestige for his career – the couple was separating in the plot.

For this reason, Gloria believes that the crime was also a direct affront to her, as she was the screenwriter of the soap opera.

It is worth noting that, in an interview with CNN the director of the documentary Guto Barra stated that “she (Gloria Perez) had no official or work involvement [na produção]”.

The writer only gave access to the collection of legal issues and videos of the crime, “which are interesting from a journalistic and investigative point of view”, she said.

In January 1997, the pastor was sentenced to 19 years in prison; Paula, 18 years and six months, in addition to paying the costs of the process.

Source: CNN Brasil

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