In Cuba the first anti-Covid vaccination on children from 2 years old

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Cuba will be the first state to start one anti-Covid vaccination campaign on children. This was established by the local government as a condition for being able to return to school safely, as reported by the Ansa agency. In fact, Cuban schools will reopen not before having completed the cycle of vaccinations on children and adolescents, given the increase in cases that are putting a strain on the health system and the fact that, at the beginning of August, 95,100 Cuban minors have contracted Covid-19 and among these 7 deaths were recorded.

Officially started on September 2, the vaccination will affect adolescents aged 12 and over in the initial phase, and will then be extended to children aged two to 11 starting from September 15. A campaign carried out with Cuban vaccines, not recognized by the WHO, Abdala e Sovereign 2 (the latter authorized in recent days for emergency use by the regulatory agency of medicines Cecmed), whose composition is based on a recombinant protein, the same technique used by the American company Novavax.

The waiting times for other vaccines under 12 recognized by the WHO would seem to be relative to the winter season. Both Pfizer and Moderna have included children in their clinical trials starting in March. Although the results have not yet been published, Pfizer expects to have data on the vaccine’s effectiveness in children ages 5 to 11 by the end of September. It usually takes the Food and Drug Administration a few weeks to review this data and assuming the trial results are good, the United States could start giving injections to babies as early as October.
Data for the other age group Pfizer is studying, children 6 months to 5 years old, may be available soon after., between October and November, the pharmaceutical company also announced last July.

Modern, meantime, he expects to have data on the effectiveness of his vaccine for children in late fall or early winter.

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