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In discussions Papastratos – Shopflix.gr for ‘online’ cooperation

By George Lampiris

Papastratos is in discussions about the possibility of cooperation with the Shopflix.gr platform, as confirmed by the president and CEO of Papastratos, Christos Harpantidis, at Capital.gr. In this regard, the head of Papastratos noted that the talks between the two sides are conducted as is the case with many other companies besides Papastratos. The object of the discussions is for Papastratos’s products to be included in the marketplace of the Marinakis group.

In fact, in the context of the Delphi Economic Forum and in a discussion that participated both Mr. Harpantidis and the CEO of Shopflix.gr, Christos Kalogerakis, when asked from the first to the second, whether there will be cooperation between Papastratos and Shopflix.gr Mr. Kalogerakis answered succinctly: “he will come soon”.

In the context of the discussion held from the stage of the Delphi Economic Forum, the president and CEO of Papastratos referred to the need for collaborations and the opening of the company to start-ups.

“From where we supported startups with tenders and some funding, then we started to cooperate. They found a way out in other markets. We gained flexibility and freshness,” said Mr. Harpantidis.

Chr. Kalogerakis: The cooperation of a startup with an established company is imperative

Christos Kalogerakis, CEO and co-founder of Shopflix.gr noted that the cooperation of a startup with a well-established company is an urgent need. Shopflix, he said, relied on simple structures and principles, such as human resources issues. “People are the backbone of the business. We made it a top priority even when I was the first in the company, that each person be part of the appropriate structures. Also, a second point was networking and collaborations with external companies. Networking is Necessary for a Startup. If one can not pick up the phone and talk to CEOS and companies, it loses a very much of knowledge. It also matters and give a new business project and territory of cooperation to external companies to take knowledge ” .

The third part in which Mr. Kalogerakis stood, was the organization of the operation. In fact, as he said, if the structures are not put in place from the beginning, then there is a risk that things will not develop well. “Chaos is not sustainable and can kill both the administration and the people,” he added.

“We started a year ago. In two months from now the company will have reached 100 jobs. We are a startup that enters the market very quickly, wants to take a position in the heart of Greek consumers and is growing rapidly,” he said. Kalogerakis.

Anthropocentrism, sustainability and the “why” we try the key points for every startup

Mr. Harpantidis for his part stated that in one way or another when a company is positioned in the direction of growth, it makes sense to scale.

We must have a clear “why” we are trying, with a human-centered logic. Whether they are employees or consumers. If one builds a logic around anthropocentrism, one certainly wins. Another point that is dominant in our philosophy is called sustainability. It is the future. If one has these three elements, funding will come. “I am optimistic about the Greek ecosystem and I believe in better days.”

The steps that lead to startup financing

“Greece can become a center of innovation. It is a much-discussed and multidimensional issue. I will not take time to analyze the obvious. Financing solutions must be found. Banks have a big role and responsibility, to make easy access to the Fund’s resources. To connect education with the labor market, we need to offer start-up consulting services and build the infrastructure for start-ups to be close to universities, large companies, banks and consulting firms. the way for the financing will be opened easier “, noted Mr. Harpantidis.

Source: Capital

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