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In France, Le Pen invites “patriots” to build a majority government

On Monday (10), the leader of the National Union, France’s far-right party, Marine Le Pen, invited “men and women of good will, who are patriots” to help her party obtain a majority in the next parliamentary elections.

Le Pen said she met with several officials, including the executive vice-president of the far-right Reconquista! party, Marion Marechal. Marine Le Pen added that the president of the National Union and main candidate in the European Union elections would be prime minister if her party obtained a majority.

French President Emmanuel Macron called surprise legislative elections on Sunday (9) in response to his party’s defeat in elections to renew the European Parliament.

Macron’s unexpected decision, which amounts to a risky gamble on his political future, could grant great political power to the far right after years on the sidelines and weaken his presidency three years before his term ends.

In the first opinion poll published after Macron’s surprise decision to dissolve parliament, Le Pen’s National Union was projected to win an early election in France, but without winning an absolute majority in parliament.

Source: CNN Brasil

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