In Germany, futuristic capsules installed in the streets for the homeless


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AT Ulm, in the German region of Baden-Württemberg, the flâneur will be able to stumble, at the bend of a park, on a strange cabin made of wood and steel placed on the lawn. These small futuristic-looking homes, scattered throughout the city since January 8, 2021 to accommodate the homeless, can protect up to two people from the cold and the wind, explain our colleagues from The Independent, Friday January 22.

Thanks to a motion detector, the opening of the door of a “nest” alerts the social workers, who, if necessary, can explain to the homeless person how the capsule works. They also ensure the cleanliness of the premises after each departure. Solar panels also allow the cabin occupant to communicate, without relying on mobile phone networks.

Soon “nests” all over Germany?

The “Ulm’s Nest” was designed to provide a solution for people who cannot access shelters, either due to psychological factors or because they live with a pet. The bearers of this beautiful project admit having been delayed by the sudden arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, but are delighted to have been able to install the cabins in time for “the coldest nights”. Their dream? Nationwide deployment of their cabin.

The team behind this capsule reminds us, however, that it is by no means an alternative to staying in a traditional accommodation establishment, but an alternative to sleeping in the open air.

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