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In Japan, they created a huge robot for laying railway tracks and performing dangerous work

In the modern world, the direction of robotics is developing very actively – the largest companies are constantly sharing details about their robotic dogs or projects about humanoid androids, but in Japan, not surprisingly, progress has gone far ahead. The fact is that last week the Japanese railway company officially announced the development of a very impressive robot, which can be partially considered humanoid. It has a head and hands, thanks to which the latest development will allow you to lay paths and perform heavy or dangerous work without risk to humans.

The huge robot, which could well be filmed in Transformers, will be controlled by an operator in the cab of a cargo vehicle – it is located on a special mobile railway platform. The operator controls the giant’s body using a VR helmet and corresponding manipulators (the left and right hands of a person correspond to the left and right “hands” of the robot). At the same time, the body of the latest development is installed on a crane, which allows you to lift the robot several meters up – due to this, you can work with power lines, supports, various breakdowns at height, and more.

According to the developers, the “hands” of the robot are able to exactly repeat the actions of the operator in the cab, lift impressive loads (up to 30 kilograms), mount and configure equipment. Of course, this development is still far from a real humanoid robot, and the current model is still planned to be finalized and improved, but this is another clear proof of how advanced robotics is in Japan. Indeed, in the end, such developments will be actively used at a variety of enterprises, and not only for the repair or laying of railway tracks around the world.

Source: Trash Box

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