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In Kazan, exoskeletons are already used in production: they preserve the health of workers

In Kazan, exoskeletons are already used in production: they preserve the health of workers

The idea of ​​using an exoskeleton in various kinds of enterprises was voiced many years ago, but so far no one has been able to implement the project beyond a concept or a couple of prototypes. However, the technology, which seemed like a sci-fi movie invention, is already being actively used at the plant in Kazan. Employees of the plant for the production and processing of low-density polyethylene, which is part of the Kazanorgsintez company, have successfully tested domestically produced exoskeletons in the course of performing their standard tasks – this is the first step towards a real revolution in this area.

Representatives of the company said that the new equipment can significantly reduce the level of employee fatigue by the end of his work shift, plus the load on the body is significantly reduced, which ultimately helps to keep the employee healthy. In addition, this innovation will be applied in those areas of the production workshop where it is simply impossible to refuse the use of manual labor due to the lack of necessary technologies or the specifics of the task. This is great news for professionals who were worried that the development of robotic technology in the foreseeable future they could lose their jobs – in fact, this is not the case.

During the experiment on the operation of the exoskeleton, two workshops were used – on one, illiquid goods are processed, and on the other, plastic products are made. Due to the peculiarities of the production process, at certain stages there are quite a lot of operations that need to be performed manually – this is where exoskeletons show their best. At the same time, the plant management noted that during the experiment, the so-called passive exoskeletons were used – they do not require an additional source of energy for operation, since they use completely ordinary laws of physics and mechanics.

Accordingly, the exoskeletons used are a kind of durable external frame that the employee puts on over special clothing (we are talking about the standard “overalls”). As a result, the frame allows the worker to redistribute the load in the process of performing the task from the back and arms to their legs – due to this, the risk of work-related injuries is significantly reduced. The plant management added that the employees themselves asked about this experiment – and if the assessment of the effectiveness of the technology is positive, then it is likely that exoskeletons will be used on an ongoing basis.

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