Home Entertainment In Mantua, concrete and precious help for all women who suffer

In Mantua, concrete and precious help for all women who suffer

In Mantua, concrete and precious help for all women who suffer

There are places with which women feel very close, where they can nourish their potential and where they understand that they are finally in the “right place”. Places where the ultimate goal is to generate beauty, while at the same time following the growth and transformation of women.

One of these is the laboratory of Mamrè in Mantua, a precious space where the person becomes the protagonist and where he has the opportunity to create and re-create himself, learning the basics of a profession, becoming autonomous on a personal and professional level and developing relationships with other women who will take part in the same path. Today, more than ever, places like this are needed, where they can be to build relationships and achieve financial autonomy that helps women to “free themselves” from the economic dependence to which they are often subjected.

The laboratory offers the opportunity for social and work reintegration in the Mantua area to all women who have suffered various types of violence and who turn to CAVan acronym that stands for Life Aid Centerbut also for Anti Violence Center. The Cav is actually both, and through this sewing workshop, set up thanks to the 8×1000 funds in support of the local Caritas, in the space of a decade it has given the opportunity to a dozen women to meet and learn the first rudiments of the art of cutting and sewing.

After a forced break from the pandemic, in the spring of 2021 the laboratory of Mamrè has resumed its activity, thanks also to the participation of a team of young women, professionals but eager to devote some of their free time to a project with a strongly social and eco-sustainable footprint. Also thanks to them he was born Straightforwardwhich allowed the laboratory to restart with new strength and energy.

To concretely support this small reality there is the fashion company Lubiamwhich for years has been making donations of machines, fabrics, technical consultancy and materials to be recycled with a view to a project that wants to be green.

But Lubiam is not the only one to have believed in the social potential of the Drittofilo project: the Banca Agricola Mantovana Foundation has in fact hired Drittofilo as the “project of the year” for 2022: a very important recognition, which has given an enormous driving force to restart after the lockdown. The Municipality of Mantua has also included Drittofilo in a Cariplo project of regional significance, aimed at providing the training tools to set up a successful start-up.
Last but not least, the opportunity offered by Mantova Village and the Mantovana Community Foundation to open a temporary shop for 6 months, on free loan, to give a further possibility of work and employment not only to women who already attend the workshop, but also to those who will be employed in the store.


Source: Vanity Fair



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