In March, we should be in a much more comfortable Covid situation, says Gabbardo

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With the postponement of the samba school parade in São Paulo for the Tiradentes holiday, in April, the coordinator of the State Scientific Committee, João Gabbardo, said in an interview with CNN this Friday (21) that agrees with the measure. According to the doctor, by then the cases of Covid-19 will have decreased.

“Our forecast is that the worst will be this month of February. We believe that from the second half of February onwards we will start to have a very rapid reduction in cases in our understanding. We believe that in March we will be in a much more comfortable situation than we are today”, he evaluated.

However, Gabbardo said it is not possible to make predictions about the end of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the coordinator of the Scientific Committee of São Paulo, the expectation is that Covid-19 will lose its epidemic status and become an endemic disease. Regarding vaccination, the doctor considers that there is the possibility of updating the immunizer and that this is the process “that happens with influenza”.

According to Gabbardo, there is no expectation that the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 will have its audience expanded. Currently, only immunosuppressed people are receiving an extra application. The doctor said that transplant recipients are the ones who most need this boost in immunization.

On pediatric vaccination, Gabbardo celebrated Anvisa’s decision to approve the use of Coronavac to vaccinate children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years. According to him, the immunizer “has all the conditions for it to be the vaccine that can really accelerate this vaccination and, who knows, at the end of another month we will have all the children vaccinated”.

The Scientific Committee coordinator also stated that he works with the hypothesis that the immunizing agent produced by the Butantan Institute can be applied to children over 3 years of age. Gabbardo said that the decision depends on an authorization from Anvisa, which said it was necessary to send more information to expand the age group.

“I am absolutely convinced that it is a matter of time, in a few weeks we will be able to have all this information and have the approval of Anvisa to be able to expand it to children over three years of age”, he evaluated.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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