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In Profit #43: Zanq has two dogs as bosses and earns money from videos on the internet

In Profit #43: Zanq has two dogs as bosses and earns money from videos on the internet

Upon graduating in control and automation engineering, Zanq never imagined that, a few years later, his “bosses” would be two dogs. In fact, not just “dogs”, two very special huskies – Gudan and Blant.

“Being supported by them is just a fun dream. They rule my life, they are my bosses, my life is shaped by dogs”, said the content creator in the 43rd episode of the No Lucro podcast.

Zanq, who has also tried his hand as a singer, was taken aback when a TikTok profile created for Gudan suddenly started to pump during the pandemic.

The idea, according to him, was to follow the advice of a friend and test the platform – which was still new to many – without pretensions. Today, the profile already has more than eight million followers.

They run my life, they are my bosses, my life is shaped by dogs

In conversation with presenter Leandro Munhós, the “pet’s father” recalled that, in a short time, the first “received” arrived: a box of snacks worth R$ 1,500.

It didn’t take long for the videos “translating” the thoughts of his dogs to become a hit, which led him to earn around BRL 3,000 a month with several clients, to closing partnerships with brands like Suvinil and Netflix in the same month.


tag your professional co-pilot lol

♬ original sound – Gudan the gray husky

Indispensable expenses

Today, Zanq says that most of his expenses are spent on caring for his pets: “I spend a lot with them on health, on premium food. All to ensure their longevity and happiness.”

Since moving from Curitiba to São Paulo to keep up with the pace of demands that came from the capital of São Paulo, the influencer began to review superfluous and unnecessary expenses and focus only on the essentials. Like expenses with the production of your videos, which involves employing two employees.

Investment ups and downs

For not having had a proximity with matters related to money at home, Zanq revealed that he is still maturing and “learning to navigate” in this field: “I had no concept of money, I started to have it when I started earning my salary in the first internship” .

From an intern’s salary, the possibility of investing BRL 60,000 in a cryptocurrency scheme was quick, but little did he know that he would fall into an “ambush”. Since then he considers himself a cautious and conservative investor.

You can check this and everything else on this week’s episode of No Profit.

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