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In Profit #5: “Today, either you sell commodities, or you have a brand with something to say”, says Caito Maia

In Profit #5: “Today, either you sell commodities, or you have a brand with something to say”, says Caito Maia

At 53, married and with the largest eyewear chain in Latin America, Chilli Beans, Caito Maia he is considered one of the most successful businessmen in the country – even without fear, having already revealed that he went bankrupt after a few defaults. But what is this success all about?

In the fifth episode of CNN In Profit podcast, CNN Brasil Soft project, the entrepreneur told the importance of having a brand with a strong personality in the market, the entrepreneur’s positioning and vision for the future.

The Chilli Beans chain is completing 25 years, with more than 800 franchisees around the world and 3,000 employees. Caito’s image greatly contributes to the success of the business. According to Caito, the company grew 30% in market share in the last 5 years due to its exposure — it was during this period that Caito became one of the judges of the Shark Tank program and increased his contact with the public.

When you have a brand, you have a margin, you control your business. And that makes all the difference. I felt the need to create a brand to have a future

Caito Maia, founder of Chilli Beans

brand positioning

In the conversation led by Leandro Munhós, Caito pointed out that a brand that is concerned with social issues attracts the public more and, thus, achieves success. In addition, the entrepreneur told about the difficulties of the pandemic period and gave tips on how entrepreneurs can take advantage of the moment of reopening the economy.

According to him, it is not enough just to have a good product with an attractive price, it is necessary to have a brand with positioning. “When you have a manager behind you who takes a stand, and that positioning speaks to the consumer and he identifies himself, he goes there, consumes your product and becomes your customer. Today, the public wants to know who is behind the brand and what it thinks. This is how you show the soul of the brand, how it thinks, how it takes care of society and the planet. This makes a total difference to the public”, says Caito.

CNN In Profit Podcast

The No Lucro podcast is available in video at CNN Brasil Soft’s Youtube and on the main audio platforms, with new episodes every Thursday, starting at 7pm. The profile “No Lucro CNN” is also on the air Instagramat the twitter and not TikTok.

Escaping the technical language and jargon of the economics area, popularly called “economês”, the program will not be restricted to specialists, as it will also receive celebrities, influencers and people who are behind successful businesses in the most diverse areas. The idea is to show different points of view on entrepreneurship, personal finance, management, investments and economics.

The videocast is part of the “No Lucro by CNN Soft” platform, launched in March, as a result of a strategic partnership between CNN Brasil and Banco Santander.

Source: CNN Brasil



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