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In Profit CNN #20: Actor Malvino Salvador reveals his entrepreneurial side

Malvino Salvador is one of the main Brazilian actors with a career spanning almost 20 years of acting in films, soap operas and plays. It is for this facet that most people know him, what few know is the actor’s entrepreneurial side. The soap opera heartthrob is also a businessman.

Currently, he is a partner in two companies, but ensures that fans do not have to worry about his career on the small screen and on the big screen. Asked if he intends to stop acting, Malvino was emphatic: “I don’t need to give up my acting career. Today, I can list which jobs I want to do. At other times in my career, I had to accept everything because it was a necessity. Now, I can choose. I will never stop acting.”

Guest of the 20th episode of CNN In Profit podcast, CNN Brasil Soft project, the actor talked about his career and business. In the conversation led by Leandro Munhós, Malvino also talked about investments and what he most likes to spend money on.

The entrepreneurial side of Malvino Salvador

Malvino Salvador is a partner in two ventures: a jiu jitsu academy and a hair transplant clinic.

To invest in teaching fighting, Malvino combined his passion for the sport with the will to undertake. The actor’s wife, Kyra Gracie, who is from the Gracie family, known for spreading jiu jitsu in Brazil, is a partner in the business. The academy opened four years ago has two units in Rio de Janeiro and currently serves around 550 students.

“We have a jiu jitsu and self defense academy. Focused on the woman, the family and the child,” she says.

The partnership in the hair transplant company happened by chance. According to the actor, he went for treatment and became interested in the business. “I ended up getting to know the company, got involved and joined as a partner”.

To No Lucro, Malvino revealed that the will to undertake came from the teachings he received from his family. According to the actor, he learned from his father to diversify his income and work areas.

“My father always told me to diversify my life. He taught me not to be tied to one source of income, to diversify even though I had a good job. He taught me to save money and value my work,” he said.

When you are passionate about the business, the chance for it to flourish is much greater. But if you have an entrepreneurial streak, you can find things in every business that satisfy you a lot.

Malvino Salvador – actor and businessman

CNN In Profit Podcast

The No Lucro podcast is available in video at CNN Brasil Soft’s Youtube and on major audio platforms, with new episodes every Thursday, starting at 7pm. The profile “No Lucro CNN” is also live on Instagramat the twitter and not TikTok.

Escaping the technical language and jargon of the economics area, popularly called “economês”, the program will not be restricted to specialists, as it will also receive celebrities, influencers and people who are behind successful businesses in the most diverse areas. The idea is to show different points of view on entrepreneurship, personal finance, management, investments and economics.

The videocast is part of the “No Lucro by CNN Soft” platform, launched in March, as a result of a strategic partnership between CNN Brasil and Banco Santander.

Source: CNN Brasil

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