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In Ravello, Amalfi Coast, guests of the Palazzo Avino hotel

For years we thought that pink was the color of Barbie’s convertibles and the hair of some Sailor Moon characters, ignoring that it could also be synonymous with luxury and sisterhood. We noticed this while spending three days and two nights inside Avino Palace, to Ravello, Amalfi Coast, the five-star luxury hotel owned by the sisters Mariella, Attilia and Mariavittoria Avino who have chosen to preserve the color of the original twelfth century palace, pink, making it the protagonist of a temporal and spatial bubble where relaxation and contemplation reign supreme.

In this pink palace very attentive to smallest detailfrom the Moorish arches to the terrazzo floors, everything seems to refer not only to the evocative beauty of the city of Ravelloabove the Amalfi Coast, in which Palazzo Avino rises and branches out, but also to the immeasurable value of theart that the Avino sisters have chosen to marry by creating a special collaboration with another building, that Brescia mountains. It’s about a artist residency founded by Edoardo Monti in 2017 which every year promotes and supports the growth of young talents from all over the world by offering them not only a home to live in but also the opportunity to create your own works taking advantage of an incredible showcase of visibility.

It goes without saying that Palazzo Avino has chosen to count on the precious collaboration of Palazzo Monti to exhibit some – beautiful – works created within the latter in the spaces of its Art Caféthus inaugurating an art talkeover entitled Palazzo to Palazzocurated by the entrepreneur, philanthropist, collector and Honorary Director of Palazzo Monti Umberta Gnutti Beretta, which chose and selected works by emerging artists for the Avino sisters to discover and enhance. «We like contact with young kids, getting to know them personally, not to mention that for this project with Palazzo Avino we chose to focus on women, given that they have been put aside in art for too long”, says Gnutti Beretta who, during our trip, I will discover to be an incredibly easy-going woman, fond of Ravello lemons – which are a bit like citrons, larger and sweeter than common lemons – and endowed with an irony that breaks once and for all that stereotype that sees art as something essentially serious and wrapped in cellophane. «It is very important for us to show the artists’ work after the period of residency at Palazzo Monti, also considering the relationships that develop and projects like this”, adds Edoardo Monti, deus ex machina of Palazzo Monti together with Umberta.

In Ravello Amalfi Coast guests of the Palazzo Avino hotel

The rediscovery of painting and figurative images, bombarded as we are by the digital shots that surround us, represents, in this sense, one of the strongest and most vibrant souls of Palazzo to Palazzocapable of enhancing unique works such as those of Sara Birns, Lidya Blakeley, Diane Dal-Pra, Daria Dmytrenko, Alice Faloretti, Olivia Sterling, Tarin, and the sweet and friendly Natalia Gonzalez Martin, Spanish artist who lives and works in London who exhibited a work of the highest level at Palazzo Avino: a wooden panel traditionally used for Orthodox icons which represents the detail of a light and soft woman who stands out in all her bright colors – the colors on the wood appear brighter than on the canvas – and in all its plasticity. Together with this initiative which, as he explains Mariella Avino, is dedicated to animating Palazzo Avino by nourishing it with art, «shining a light on the female world of art which has an even fuller meaning for me, which is linked to our DNA and our family history», we take advantage of the visit both to discover the breathless beauty of Ravello, surrounded by greenery and a spectacular view of the Amalfi Coast, and to test firsthand the warm hospitality of the hotel with pink walls, which never like in Palazzo to Palazzo proves to be the perfect setting to enhance and welcome works of art by transforming them into integral part of the environments frequented by guests and visitors.

In Ravello Amalfi Coast guests of the Palazzo Avino hotel

Enjoy a relaxing massage in the spa – ask for Viola, she won’t disappoint you – but also dine in the prestigious Michelin Star restaurant Rossellinislocated on a terrace that offers one of the most evocative views of the entire Amalfi Coast, not to mention the incomparable cuisine of chef Vanacorebetween games of textures and presentations, and of the balance of the wines selected from time to time by the sommelier Luigi Nitto, was a cuddle chappy to reconcile ourselves with the beauty and harmony of life. Made even more precious by the works of art exhibited inside Palazzo Avino – most of which belong to the private collection of Umberta Beretta, permanently exhibited at the Almag space in Roncadelle (BS), and at the Palazzo Monti Foundation – and by the kindness and friendliness of Attilia and Mariella Avino, who managed to transform – together with the very nice and affectionate Richard, their dachshund who became a bit of our mascot during the stay – the passion for hospitality and attention for others into a job carried out with seriousness and conscience.

Source: Vanity Fair

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