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In Rio, deputies approve project to place PMs in public schools

The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) approved this Wednesday (22) the proposal by the president of the Education Commission, Alan Lopes (PL), to promote reforms in the state's educational system. Among other items, the measure provides for the presence of military police in public schools in the state.

Entitled Safe School Program, the project proposes a series of actions and changes in the state public education network, such as the installation of metal detectors and monitoring cameras, in addition to the presence of security agents who have been inactive from the reserve or retired for at least two years. , through a public call. Psychologists and social workers were also included in the project.

Now, it is up to Governor Cláudio Castro, also from PL, to decide whether or not to sanction the project.

According to the Legislative Assembly, the objective of the program is “to ensure overt policing activities in the vicinity of public education units in the State of Rio de Janeiro, internal surveillance, educational activities aimed at preventing drugs, encouraging sports and training against natural disasters”.

Objectives such as “transmitting ethical and moral values ​​to students” and “integration between the schools’ teaching staff and the police are also mentioned, with a focus on conflict mediation and preventive security measures for students, parents, teachers and the community”.

The program, composed with the support of federal deputies General Pazuello and Alexandre Ramagem, both from PL, and co-authored by Rodrigo Amorim (União), Márcio Gualberto, India Armelau, Filippe Poubel, all from PL, Carlinhos BNH (PP) and Marcelo Dino (Union), will have its expenses taken from the State Fund for Investments and Public Security and Social Development Actions (Fised).

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Source: CNN Brasil

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