In Rio, one in 4 adults did not take a third dose against Covid-19

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A quarter of the adult population of Rio de Janeiro has not yet been vaccinated with the first booster dose against Covid-19. According to the Municipal Health Department (SMS), one year after the start of the booster application, 26.1% of adults have not yet sought the third dose of the immunizer.

Since July 28, the entire population over 18 years of age can receive the second booster dose. However, only 31.3% of the adult population received all four doses of the immunizer.

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In August, the city had 28,000 vaccine doses due, while more than three million people were eligible to be vaccinated.

The number of confirmed cases of the disease in the city, in turn, is already more than double the total number of cases in 2021 and almost three times greater than all of 2020. According to SMS, to this day (13), 630,335 cases were confirmed in the city, against 308,603 in 2021 and 222,259 in 2020.

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The number of deaths, however, does not follow the increase in cases. The fatality rate in Rio went from 8.7% in 2020 to 5.6% in 2021 and is now 0.4%.

The decrease in the number of deaths and severe cases of the disease can be explained precisely by vaccination. According to a study by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), the incidence of severe cases of Covid-19 is three times higher in the unvaccinated population, compared to those who completed the basic vaccination schedule and received at least the first booster dose.

where to be attended

Those with delayed vaccination can attend the places below to receive the immunizer. Just bring the identification document and the vaccination book.

  • 8:00 am to 5:00 pm: Family clinics, municipal health centers, Lincoln de Freitas Filho Polyclinic (Santa Cruz), José Paranhos Fontenelle Polyclinic (Olaria), Cidade das Artes (Barra da Tijuca).
  • 9 am to 5 pm: Shopping do Meier
  • 10am to 5pm: NorteShopping (Cachambi)
  • 10am to 4pm (only for people aged 18 and over): Botafogo Praia Shopping

Source: CNN Brasil

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