In Rio, Prates will participate in a Petrobras meeting but wants a solemn inauguration only in April

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On the afternoon of Wednesday (25th), the chairman of Petrobras’ Board of Directors, Gileno Barreto invited the nominee to take over the company to be at the meeting that will seal his inauguration.

Jean Paul Prates, senator from Rio Grande do Norte for the PT, is already in the city and will go to the company’s building, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, to enter the meeting as soon as his name is accepted by the directors.

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Barreto’s invitation, nominated by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), is yet another indication that the arrival of Prates, nominated by the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), should not have internal resistance.

THE CNN had already reported that Prates had the approval of Petrobras’ compliance department. With no lawsuits in court and with a resume compatible with the role, the former senator received guidance from the state-owned company.

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Among them, he was instructed to resign from his mandate, which would end next week. The politician’s companies will also not be able to do business with Petrobras, so that there is no conflict of interest.

The PT nominee, however, does not want an immediate inauguration ceremony.

THE CNN found out from Prates’ interlocutors that he wants to hold a solemn ceremony only in the month of April, after the Ordinary General Meeting has been held, after the exchange of directors appointed by the Union and also of the directors.

Petrobras currently has eight directors. The expectation of sources that follow the subject is that at least half of them will be replaced.

Unlike the current directors, who stayed at the luxurious Fairmont hotel, in Copacabana, Prates preferred to stay at his family home, in the central region of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, even closer to the new headquarters of the state-owned company, where the meeting that should integrate him into the advice will take place.

The meeting of Petrobras’ Board of Directors is scheduled for 9 am and may drag on until the end of the afternoon. The election of Prates as a councilor and, later, as president, should still take place at the end of the morning, according to the estimation of the councillors.

Four hours before the meeting starts, Jean Paul Prates will no longer be a senator. He has already delivered his letter of resignation and the mandate will end at 5 am, a week before the arrival of his substitute elected by Rio Grande do Norte, Rogério Marinho (PL).

To seal his entry into the oil company and pacify the internal climate, throughout the month of January, Jean Paul Prates spoke with the ten remaining directors after the departure of former president Caio Mário Paes de Andrade.

It will initially have as peers four representatives of minority shareholders, one worker representative and five appointed by the Bolsonaro administration.

He will also inherit a team of eight directors composed mostly of people who had part of their careers within the oil company or in the sector.

One of the exceptions is Salvador Dahan Director of Governance and Compliance, who has worked at companies such as Gerdau and Nissan.

Petrobras’ “sheriff” has a two-year mandate, which ends in May. It is his opinion that endorses Prates.

There is great expectation on the part of the company’s top echelon to find out what the PT management will do with the holder of the post, which aims to ensure transparency and fight corruption from the inside of Petrobras.

Upon taking over, with his name confirmed, Prates will replace Joao Henrique Rittershaussen executive director of Production Development, considered the “in-house silver” as he has been with the company for over 30 years and was chosen by the Board to take over the oil company on an interim basis with the departure of Paes de Andrade at the beginning of the month.

Petrobras’ CEO salary is around R$115,000. This will guarantee Prates one of the best payslips among Lula’s nominees. He will receive more than ministers of state and the president himself.

Source: CNN Brasil

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