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In serious condition two of the horses that galloped freely causing chaos on the streets of London

Two of the British army horses that escaped yesterday, Wednesday 24/3 and galloped freely in the center of London, causing a disturbance and injuring four people, are today in a “serious condition”, said a British deputy minister. “There were five horses and they were all caught. Three of them are fine, two are unfortunately in a serious condition which we are monitoring,” Deputy Defense Secretary James Cartledge told Sky News. These horses are called Vida and Quaker. The episode occurred yesterday, Wednesday, not far from Buckingham Palace, during the outing of a group of seven horses of the Royal Household Cavalry, an elite unit that mainly ensures the protection of the royal family and participates in the various ceremonies. According to the army, the animals were startled by a falling piece of concrete being carried by a crane and five of them galloped off, knocking down four horsemen, three of whom were injured. Their lives are not in danger, it was clarified by the same source. The horses made a mess of them […]
Source: News Beast

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