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In testimony, Flordelis says she was beaten by her husband

In testimony, Flordelis says she was beaten by her husband

In testimony during interrogation at the Jury Court, former federal deputy Flordelis dos Santos de Souza said this Saturday (12) that she was beaten by her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, murdered in June 2019. She said that, later, he would have stopped assaulting her and that the aggressive behavior was limited to the “sexual area”.

In line with the defense’s strategy of attributing to Anderson abusive behavior with daughters and granddaughters, Flordelis said that he suspected cases of harassment after the murder, but could not believe it and only later learned what, according to the lawyers, was happening.

“He [Anderson] hit me. Afterwards, he stopped this practice of hitting me and it became something, well, very painful, painful. He became aggressive again in the sexual area. My husband only felt pleasure if he hurt me. He only came to blows [orgasmo] if it hurt me”, said Flordelis, crying, during the trial held at the Niterói Forum, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.

The former deputy detailed that Anderson hanged him during the sexual act. According to her, in one of the relationships, he even fainted. The defendant also said that she was surprised by the fact that her husband quickly returned to a state of affection after the sexual violence. “After he did these things, he would just call me to lie on his chest and come back to be affectionate, as if nothing had happened,” she detailed.

Flordelis said he didn’t understand Anderson’s sexual behavior. She attributed it to Carmo’s childhood problems and “lack of family attachment.”


To jurors, the defense’s approach has suggested that the crime was restricted to a small group of children. It would include the alleged mastermind, Simone dos Santos, the executioner and confessed defendant, Flávio dos Santos, and Lucas dos Santos, who helped buy the pistol used in the murder. According to the defense, the crime came in reaction to Carmo’s sexual abuse.

The Public Ministry and the prosecution assistant question this narrative. They claim that Flordelis and a larger group of children were involved, which includes those questioned this Saturday. Flordelis and the children were instructed not to answer questions from the prosecution, only questions from the defense and the jurors, voiced by the court.

Asked by defense lawyer Janira Rocha why she did not report Carmo’s aggressions or ask for help, Flordelis said she was subject to Anderson’s violent behavior because she learned that in church and with her mother. She would always have been a submissive wife and would advise her accordingly, to “talk calmly afterwards.”

The former deputy endorsed at least two alleged episodes of abuse, with a daughter, Kelly, and with her granddaughter Rayane dos Santos, also questioned this Saturday. At the end of the testimony, which lasted an hour, Flordelis said she was shocked when she found, after the crime, that her underwear was identical to that of her daughter Simone dos Santos, who was also allegedly abused by Carmo. Simone is assisted by another group of lawyers and is willing to confess the crime. She has cancer.

In her testimony, Rayane dos Santos, Flordelis’ granddaughter and his parliamentary advisor in the Chamber of Deputies, said that it was “habits of her grandfather”, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, “to run his hand, slap the butt and squeeze the beak of the chest”.

Rayane said that one morning in 2019, in Flordelis’ functional apartment in Brasília, she woke up with Carmo lying on top of her body, stroking her. When the pastor’s hand came close to her vagina, she detailed, she would have asked him to stop.

He then said he would go to work and left the room. The young woman also said she had not told anyone for fear of losing her position in Flordelis’ office, in her words, an opportunity given by Carmo.


For Flordelis, the jurors asked if the crying was real, to which she said yes, and if she normally saw the fact that affective children relate to each other. The former parliamentarian said that she did not see it with good eyes, but that she could not prevent relations between her children, which the Civil Police investigation pointed out as a commonplace fact.

After five days of witness testimony, the interrogation of Flordelis, three of her children and a granddaughter began on Saturday morning.

It was the first time that Flordelis spoke in the presence of the seven jurors who judge the case in the Jury Court. She and her children are accused of 3rd degree murder, attempted double felony murder – for allegedly attempting to poison Carmo– document falsification and armed criminal association.

Source: CNN Brasil