In the blue, painted in all colors

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Culture will be revived as soon as possible it is essential for Italy’s recovery: because it means restarting an economic sector with its workers and workers, supporting and encouraging innovation, the various artistic disciplines and the introduction of new models of sustainability. But, above all, it means returning to feed our mind and spirit with a positive and inspirational message, capable of generating hope and triggering a climate of renewed trust for a better tomorrow.

For this reason, artistic initiatives of national scope such as ART&more by glo™, represent an important step in the process of building the new normal. Born with the aim of supporting art in all its forms, ART&more by glo™ involves professionals and new recruits called upon to carry out jobs in which the contamination of styles and techniques and bold color combinations they become expressions of the individual artist. During 2021, the project will see various Italian cities as protagonists, from north to south bringing art, in its various forms and expressions, around our country. The adventure started from Naples last Friday 16, with the presentation of the project created by British American Tobacco (BAT) Italy.

Nine exceptional street artists they worked side by side with 12 students dell’Academy of Fine Arts of Naples to give life to a unique work that covers 3,300 square meters of via Caracciolo, the elegant waterfront of the city. The artists are famous faces of contemporary street art: Jorit, Shaone, Iabo, Zeus 40, Tres & Yele, El Nigro, Cref and Cocchia and have combined their skills with those of new talents to create a majestic open-air work in which techniques, different styles and colors mix and coexist in perfect harmony,giving life to a unique and unexpected work of art that fully embraces the philosophy of gloDon’t give up on anythingor the possibility of making seemingly opposite roads coexist, without compromise

Within the installation, current themes and tributes to the city emerge: from the unconscious heroes of Cocchia to the labyrinth of Cref, from the intrinsic dualism of the self of Zeus40 to the plurality of the individual of El Nigro, from the comparison on opposing social forces of Shaone to the future of the city drawn in the eyes of Sara di Jorit, from the superheroes who fight Iabo’s prejudices to the contrasts of each of us expressed in the work of Yele & Tres up to the role of technology in sociability of today told with the contribution of students. Mixing styles and creative languages, the group of artists created an exclusive work, on an exceptional canvas: the street. The magnificent exhibition will be open to the public until Wednesday 21 July. The work can thus be discovered and admired by citizens, who will be able to live a unique and exciting artistic experience live.

In order to concretely support the sector, at the end of the exhibition the work will be registered as an NFT and auctioned. More and more widespread in the art market, and digital NFT, acronym for non-fungible token, they are sold as collectibles or as works of art they have a certain value based on their uniqueness. The proceeds from the auction will then be donated entirely to the Nartea association, aimed at promoting culture and art in the city of Naples. It is therefore a concrete support to a sector that in this period has had to face great difficulties, but which BAT strongly wants to support.

“BAT is today engaged in the realization of A Better Tomorrow“, Explains Fabio de Petris, Consumer Marketing Director SEA of British American Tobacco,” a better future for consumers, for society and for the communities in which it operates, through the reduction of its environmental impact. In this context, our company also intends to play a proactive and proactive role in the post-Covid transition, embracing the challenges of the near future and becoming an active part in the recovery of the country, to contribute to the construction of the new normal. We are therefore proud to have launched ART & more by gloTM, a national project to promote art and its protagonists, perfectly in line with the philosophy of the glo brandTMDon’t give up on anything “, which not only reaffirms the closeness of the company and gloTM to the world of art but tries, with a concrete commitment, to support a sector that is facing a difficult period due to the pandemic: this is why the proceeds of the work exhibited in these days in Naples will be donated to the cultural association Nartea aimed at promoting culture and art in the city of Naples. A special thanks goes to the city of Naples and its citizens for the warm welcome and to the Academy of Fine Arts with its talents as well as to the street artists, who have contributed to the artistic decoration of the waterfront of this extraordinary city, for the benefit of all. “.

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