In the coming months, the decision of the CoC for the transfer of the Skaramagka Shipyards to G. Prokopiou

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The Plenary Session of the Council of State is expected in the coming months the decision for the transfer of Skaramaga Shipyards to the company “MILINA ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED” of George Prokopiou, for the amount of 37,316,041 euros, which has been temporarily blocked by a decision of the of the Fourth Division of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

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Today, the Plenary Session of the CoE discussed the requests for cancellation of the Municipality of Haidari regarding the free use of public spaces in its area and especially the seafront, which is a public environmental good and the conduct of a tender, for the sale of all its assets. company (property 350,745 sq.m.). The said Municipality is directed against the Hellenic Shipyards and ETAD SA.

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From the side of the Municipality of Chaidari it was claimed that the area of ​​the seashore, which includes a tank of ships, was granted for 49 years with the possibility of extension, which constitutes a contractual right of exclusive use of the seashore (and the corresponding marine space) by the Shipyards, with resulting in the absolute impossibility of exercising the rights deriving from the sharing of the seashore.

On the other hand, it was argued that the said Municipality does not have a legal interest to appeal to the SC because it does not own the disputed area of ​​the seashore, while the concession was made by the Greek State and its interests are not affected.

Panagiotis Stathis

Source: Capital

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