In the depths of 6.5 km, the remains of a US destroyer that sank after a battle with the Japanese were investigated – video

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The US military submerged the remotely controlled vehicle to a record depth in the history of shipwreck research, capturing the photo and video of the wreckage of the USS Johnston. It sank after a battle during World War II and now lies at a depth of almost 6.5 km, writes

For the first time its fragments were discovered in 2019. In the spring of 2021, the probe was lowered to a depth of 6456 m: the process took eight hours.

REFERENCE… USS Johnston (DD-557) – Fletcher-class destroyer of the United States Navy that sank in action on October 25, 1944. Length 115 meters, width – 12 m, displacement 2700 tons. The ship sank during an intense battle against the vastly superior Japanese forces of Admiral Kurita in Leyte Gulf off the coast of Samar Island. Of the 327 sailors, 141 were rescued. Of the 186 killed, about 50 died in battle, 45 died later on rafts from their wounds. This battle, where the United States and Australia won, was the largest at sea in the history of World War II.
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The footage shows the bow of the ship with the number “557”, the bridge, gun turrets, torpedo racks, the middle part of the USS Johnston. No human remains or clothing were seen. Nothing was taken from the crash site.

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The researchers write that they observed the extent of the damage done in the battle. The ship, which operated as part of the 774th Operational Tactical Group of aircraft carriers, was hit by guns at that time “the largest warship in the world – the battleship of the Imperial Navy Yamato, but the destroyer fiercely resisted.”

One year before death (click to enlarge):

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