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In the European elections, the extreme right won at national and not European level

Many report that the far-right was the big winner in the European elections, with the Guardian in an article arguing that the far-right succeeded but at a national and not a European level. In the online edition theguardian.com reported that Europe’s nationalist conservative far-right forces recorded big gains and ended up with just under a quarter of MEPs in the 720-seat Parliament – the highest percentage they have ever recorded. But they have not fared uniformly well, and in some countries they have fared worse than predicted. Where they did well, they did very well, notably in France, where Emmanuel Macron’s humiliating 15%-32% defeat by Marine Le Pen’s National Alarm (RN) pushed the French president into the huge risk of calling early parliamentary elections. In Germany, too, despite a series of scandals emerging, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) garnered a higher share of the national vote (16%) than any of the three parties that make up the troubled coalition […]
Source: News Beast

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