In the hands of the US military the Chinese spy balloon after it was shot down

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It is under the microscope of the US military the Chinese spy balloon after it was shot down, as attempts are made to retrieve information. According to an official, its wreckage is scattered over a seven-mile stretch.

Congratulations from Biden

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Joe Biden congratulated the pilots who shot down the Chinese balloon.

“I ordered on Wednesday the Pentagon to shoot it down as soon as possible (…) I want to congratulate the pilots who did it” their president told reporters USA as reported by the Athens News Agency citing AFP and Reuters.

Condemns Beijing

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the US government’s decision to shoot down the spy balloon China.

He repeated that it did not serve military purposes, while accusing Washington of “overreaction and serious violation of international practices”.

“China Expresses Strong Displeasure and Protests over US Use of Force”says the statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that it “reserves the right” to respond.

How was the takedown?

According to one high-ranking Pentagon official, the balloon was shot down about six nautical miles off the US coast. It was hit by an AIM-9X missile fired from an F-22 fighter jet and there was no collateral damage or danger to civilians, he added.

The balloon entered US airspace on January 28crossed into Canadian airspace on the 30th of the month and re-entered US airspace the following day.

The Civil Aviation Administration (FAA) said it closed three airports in North and South Carolina and banned all flights by civilian aircraft in a area 100 square miles above him Atlantic ocean along its shores South Carolina. In a document posted on its website the FAA had warned that the military might do use of deadly force in the event that aircraft violate these prohibitions and do not comply with the order to leave.

Source: News Beast

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