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In the ICU, influencer Toguro’s girlfriend is extubated after postpartum complications

Nara Paraguaia, girlfriend of influencer Toguro, was extubated and is awake, still admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), after complications from a hemorrhage, on Thursday (7) after giving birth to the couple’s son.

The updates were given by Toguro this Friday (8) on his social networks.

On Thursday, Toguro reported, also in publications made on his profile, that his first son, Gael, had been born “strong and well nourished”, but, due to a severe hemorrhage, Nara had to have her uterus removed and be taken to the ICU , where she had been intubated.

“Nara was supposed to be ‘untubed’ tomorrow; woke up today, she’s awake”, said Toguro in her video posted this Friday.

“The only problem is how anxious she is to see her son. She is not sleeping, and she has to sleep to rest.”

“They donate blood”

According to him, his girlfriend needed to receive three liters in a blood transfusion due to the bleeding.

“Guys, I had never experienced the importance of donating blood. They always donate blood,” he said in the videos on his Instagram stories.

“We are in this fight (…). [Já temos] a victory, he got out of intubation. Now the second victory: leaving the ICU to see your son”, added the influencer.

11 hours in labor

The day before, Toguro said that Nara was in labor for 11 hours until she was informed that she would have to undergo a cesarean section.

She then had to undergo a hysterectomy and receive blood bags. “She lost her uterus, if she doesn’t remove it, she would have no chance of surviving,” wrote the boyfriend.

removal of the uterus

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus, which may also include removal of the cervix.

The main consequence of hysterectomy is not being able to get pregnant, in addition to stopping menstruating, although your hormonal production is not altered.

If her ovaries are preserved, however, the woman still has part of her menstrual cycle and continues ovulating normally.

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Posted by Juliana Elias

Source: CNN Brasil

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