In the smallest town in Italy only the candidate of the gay party, with controversy

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A Monterone, in the Lecco area, there are just 29 inhabitants. It is the smallest town in Italy. The outgoing mayor Antonella Invernizzi has decided not to reappear. The only one who presented his candidacy by 12 noon on 4 September was Andrea Grassi, 32, from Bergamo, entrepreneur in the tourism sector in the area, representative of the Gay party for LGBT, Solidarity, Environmentalist and Liberal rights.

The list of the challenger, Dario Pesenti, 52, lawyer, former deputy mayor of Lecco, was presented at 12:30.

For the electoral commission it can be admitted, but the gay party appealed to the interior minister Lamorgese. “Those who presented the list said that it was already within the municipality at 12, but it is valid by law that the practice is registered by noon,” explains Fabrizio Marrazzo, coordinator and spokesperson of the party, “for this we turn to the minister. There was a political choice to have the municipality commissioner, we don’t want that to happen ».

The Gay Party for LGBT, Solidarity, Environmental and Liberal rights has candidates in four major cities (Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples where the former president of the Bassolino Region who has an autonomous list is supported) and in 21 small municipalities. «In our national program there is the revaluation of the villages, which is why we have brought candidates to the smaller municipalities. Andrea Grassi is an entrepreneur in the tourism sector and for the area we propose restocking not only during the holiday period with an expansion of cellular and network coverage so that smart working is also possible », adds Marrazzo.

More generally, the party program starts from the struggles at discrimination which may be stronger in small towns. “Often the LGBT community leaves them.” The issues of reconversion are added Organic, «Avoiding the mistakes of the past when in Rome electric mini buses suitable only for the center were bought and which proved to be neither ecological nor functional», and attention to the suburbs. “We want to” break the eggs in the basket “to the big parties”, concludes Marrazzo, “and bring about a revision of homophobia law in articles 4 and 7: the first actually makes it possible to offend gay people by hiding behind a cultural position and the second makes it almost impossible to raise awareness in schools ».

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