In the UAE, artificially caused rain in the desert in 50-degree heat

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Employees of the Emirati weather forecast portal Storm Center reported that heavy rains have been falling in the United Arab Emirates in different locations since July 14. It was possible to achieve this weather phenomenon, despite the 50-degree heat, thanks to the testing of the latest technology, which allows precipitation even in a particularly dry summer season. Usually, there is practically no rain in the UAE in the summer season – in Qatar, for example, over the past autumn, winter and spring, only light rain was observed, and even then twice.

It is for this reason that the authorities of the Emirates are investing resources in technologies that make it possible to cause the so-called artificial rains. The first tests of the technology were carried out in early autumn 2021 – for this they use special drones that cause rain by directing electric charges in the clouds. This development makes it possible not to use chemical compounds, which, of course, is much more environmentally friendly.

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