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In the USA, Bolsonaro supporters participate in a hearing on Brazil in the Chamber of Deputies

A delegation of conservative names linked to former president Jair Bolsonaro traveled to the North American capital, Washington DC, to participate in a hearing on Brazil in the Chamber of Deputies.

The group claims to suffer censorship from Brazilian authorities, mainly from Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Four members of the panel were interviewed: former Jovem Pan presenter, Paulo Figueiredo; the American journalist Michael Shellenberger, responsible for publishing documents about Twitter in Brazil; Chris Pavlovski, CEO of the video platform Rumble, popular among conservatives, and Fábio de Sá e Silva, professor of Brazilian studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Fábio de Sá e Silva refuted the allegations made by the other three members about alleged violations of freedom of expression in Brazil.

He even showed a photo of journalist Vladimir Herzog, tortured and killed during the Brazilian military dictatorship, to say that nothing remotely similar to this is happening in Brazil at the moment.

In the room, Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL), former Jovem Pan commentator Rodrigo Constantino, and blogger Allan dos Santos were present as spectators.

The hearing was held by members of the Subcommittee on Health, Human Rights and International Organizations: of the ten American deputies on the subcommittee, six participated.

Throughout the session, Republican deputy Maria Elvira Salazar (Florida) showed a photo of Alexandre de Moraes shortly after stating that the judge is limiting the right to freedom of expression — and saying that she did not understand why this was happening.

Democrat Sydney Kamlager-Dove (California) compared the 2021 invasion of the Capitol with the attacks on the Three Powers in Brazil in 2023: she said that Bolsonaro and far-right supporters were inspired by Donald Trump's actions to try to orchestrate a military takeover of the country.

The hearing highlighted the political parallels between the United States and Brazil. The Bolsonarists' trip comes shortly after another Brazilian delegation went to Washington, led by Senator Eliziane Gama (PSD), who was in the American capital last week to talk to names from the Democratic Party, such as Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) .

Source: CNN Brasil

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