In this company, employees pay a heavy fine if they disturb colleagues who are on leave

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Imagine it’s your week off and you haven’t received a single call or text from the office. Having trouble processing it? Well, you are not alone. Although it sounds almost impossible, one company has taken small steps to ensure that its employees are not disturbed on their days off. And, there is a fine if their peace is disturbed.

At Dream11, a fantasy gaming platform based in Mumbai her of Indiaemployees are fined up to 100,000 rupees ($1,200) if they contact colleagues who are in permission“with work-related calls or messages.”

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This fine decision was made as part of her effort company to ensure its employees “switch off and enjoy a healthy work-to-work balance,” Dream11 said in a statement.

Its co-founders are the first “fans” of the idea of ​​disconnection from work, as among other things, they want to ensure that it does not depend on either of them.

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“What if you get hit by a bus?” Harsh Jain said in an interview the duo gave to CNBC last month. “Once a week, you get kicked out of the company system… you don’t have Slack, no emails, no calls,” he added.

It is unclear when the policy was adopted with enforcement fine, but according to the company’s co-founders, so far it’s proving effective. “Nobody wants to be the guy who calls someone who’s disconnected,” Seth said with a laugh.

Source: News Beast

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