A court in Tashkent sentenced a student at Termez State University to ten days of arrest for selling the Notcoin gaming token and ordered the destruction of the student’s Galaxy A30 smartphone and bank card.

On June 1, the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent received a complaint against a student, whose name the investigation did not disclose. The police found the student and made sure that the guy used a smartphone and a bank card to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency.

At a meeting of the Chilanzar District Court of Tashkent, the student admitted his guilt and said that he sold the Notcoin coins he collected himself for 800,000 soums ($63). The young man asked for a reduced sentence, claiming that he did not know that selling cryptocurrency without a license from local authorities is illegal.

Since January 19, 2024, the Republic of Uzbekistan has introduced administrative and criminal liability for the illegal circulation of cryptocurrencies and mining of digital assets.

According to the new articles of the Code of Administrative Responsibility, illegal acquisition, sale or exchange of crypto-assets entails administrative arrest for up to fifteen days or a fine of 20 to 30 basic calculation units (at least $540) plus confiscation of assets and instruments of the offense.

Earlier, the National Agency for Prospective Projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan (NAPP) approved the rules for operating pools for cryptocurrency mining.