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In Vescovana, in the garden of 400,000 tulips (which even King Charles likes)

At 85, for eight winters, Mariella Bolognesi Scalabrin owner of the sixteenth century Villa Pisani in Vescovana (Rovigo) plant in the park of his Palladian residence 50,000 tulip bulbs of all existing colors and species, from a renowned Dutch nursery.
«They are a promise of spring and a tribute to the noblewoman who preceded me in this villa» – says Mariella, specifying that these are tulips, early and late, feathered, fringed and smooth of the most different colors and heights, that come from the prestigious company Fred de Meulder.

Feathered and fringed tulips coexist with dandelion heads at Villa Pisani in Vescovana.

Now that 8 years have passed, the planted tulips have become 400 thousand and bloom mixed with wild flowers and the grass of the park and when they bloom they look like a huge impressionist painting. An infinite garden. Which can be visited for a month: when from 23 March to 25 April 2023 in Vescovana takes place Giardininitycrasis between garden and infinity.

The multicolored varieties of tulips planted at Villa Pisani in Vescovana for the Giardinity event are a spectacle of nature.

Like an impressionist painting

«I don’t like the strips of tulips planted with the machine, regular and all of the same height, variety and color – explains Mariella. I prefer the assorted mixture that grows spontaneously in the spring grass. With my helpers we plant them personally, one after the other, rigorously by hand. And then we wait three months to witness the miracle. It’s a thrilling sight, a loving gift from nature: fifty thousand promises of bloom every year. They bloom among poppies and dandelions, buttercups and chamomiles – adds Mariella – which he has been designing for eight years now Giardininitythe green review dedicated to the garden of Villa Pisani Bolgonesi Scalabrin.

And for a month many visitors arrive in Vescovana, green thumb enthusiasts and photographers ready to immortalize – as happens in Castelluccio di Norcia on the Sibillini Mountains – a multicolored marvel.

The splendid blooms of tulips in Giardinity.

The letter sent by King Charles III

The tulips of Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin are also appreciated by King Charles III of the United Kingdom who was able to admire them years ago while leafing through the English magazine Gardens Illustrated, when he dedicated space to the original kermesse of Vescovana, an explosion of liveliness. The then Prince of Wales let Mariella know with an autographed letter who had admired them and complimented the creator of the event.

«I started planting tulips eight years ago – says Mariella – to give continuity to a tradition started by Countess Evelina van Millingen, the last Countess Pisani, who lived in the villa before me. She was of Turkish descent and this extraordinary garden, Peacock’s Tail, she called it The paradise of delights, as Islamic culture teaches, for which the tulip is the flower that gives thanks to God. Well, for me too, this initiative is a prayer and a hymn to nature. Which is renewed with the arrival of each spring».

Visitors to an edition of Giardinity.

Picnic in the park of a Palladian villa studded with tulips

Giardininity takes place on weekends in the morning from 10 to 12 and the afternoon from 15 to 18 and an internal bar and refreshment service is provided. Guided tours can be booked on 336496470.

The entrance, at cost of 10 euros , includes in addition to the visit to the immense flowering of tulips, also free walks in the park, full of majestic ancient trees and the garden defined as eclectic, because the native essences and the influences inspired by the cosmopolitan culture of the noble lady van Millingen coexist in admirable harmony. THE

The entrance ticket allows the visitor to organize a picnic in the park in complete freedom. Just like in impressionist paintings.

Capturing Giardinity’s sea of ​​tulips is a draw for many photographers. As happens in Castelluccio di Norcia.

Source: Vanity Fair

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