Inconceivable accident: Turtle landed on the windshield, broke the window and sent a woman to the hospital

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A woman from Florida is in the hospital when a turtle fell from the sky, went through the windshield and hit her on the head.

The truly incredible incident took place on Wednesday morning, when the 71-year-old woman was in the car with her daughter.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the daughter stopped the car and asked for help from a passing vehicle, calling her police.

“Is there a turtle there,” says the driver who stopped, “a turtle?” A real turtle? », Asks the daughter who can not believe it.

The turtle hit her mother in the forehead. She was covered in blood when she was found, but she was not seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital a little later with ambulance.

“I swear to God that this woman has the worst luck,” said her daughter.

As for the turtle, it came out of the incident with small abrasions in the shell, according to the police. Which assumes that the reptile was crossing the road and was launched into the air by another vehicle.

They left her behind in the forest.

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