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Increased pressures on the Athens Stock Exchange


The Athens Stock Exchange is currently under the pressure of most of its securities, reversing the upward steps of the previous days, but also confirming that the first week of November was neutral and focused on very specific securities that brought developments.

In particular, the General Index records losses of 0.70% at 902.28 points, while the turnover is at 11.3 million euros and the volume at 2.4 million units. The FTSE 25 is down 0.83% at 2,182.32 points, while the banking index is down 1.40% at 591.85 points.

Increased pressures on the Athens Stock Exchange

Although November was expected to be a very exciting month, with foreign portfolios completing their 12-month strategies, the first week was rather recognizable. Or as a stock market source commented on Capital.gr stabilization, as from next week we will have more news that may affect the market.

In the immediate future, and as the share capital increase of PPC is completed, the six-month review of the MSCI indices and the verdict of Moody’s for the Greek economy is expected, with the silence observed by S&P, which did not publish its scheduled report to Greece, not to be translated as negative, while leaving open the possibility of an extraordinary evaluation.

The focus is on the titles that are “associated” with MSCI

Undoubtedly, as we move towards November 11, the market will focus on the securities that may be related to the results of the half-yearly restructuring of the MSCI indices on Thursday, November 11. And according to a recent analysis by Société Générale, Jumbo’s share will be delisted and there will probably be two additions at the same time, those of the National Bank and PPC.

So, if the SocGen estimates are realized, then the Greek shares in the basic indexes of MSCI will increase to six as to date the index MSCI Greece Standard Index includes five securities, OTE (with a weight of 29.5%), OPAP (with 20.82%), Alpha Bank (20.27%), Eurobank Holdings (17.22%) and Jumbo (12.17%). According to the estimates of the French banks, the possible outflows of Jumbo will amount to 88.41 million dollars, while the possible inflows for the EIB are placed at 74.68 million dollars and for PPC at 47.71 million dollars.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Mytilineos, Ethniki, Piraeus, Jumbo, Hellenic Petroleum, EYDAP, Coca Cola and IPTO record losses of more than 1%, while Alpha Bank, HELEX, Ellactor, GEK Terna, OTE, Eurobank are moving slightly downwards. , PPA, OPAP and Lambda.

On the other hand, PPC gains 1.26%, while Biochalko, Terna Energy, ELHA, Sarantis, Titan and Aegean are moving slightly upwards.


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