Increases of up to 120% in electricity bills

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At a time when the stock market price of natural gas shows a relative stabilization at 85 euros / MWh, the new record set yesterday in the stock market of pollutants pushes up again the wholesale prices of electricity. Specifically, the price of CO2 emission allowances exceeded 70 euros / ton for the first time, marking a record high of 70.43 euros / ton.

So for today, the wholesale prices of electricity throughout Europe are high and in 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Serbia, France) exceed 270 euros / MWh. In the Greek market, the average wholesale price of electricity will be for today at an average of 270.65 euros / MWh, with the maximum price being 348.21 euros / MWh.

The picture for the whole of November is similar. According to the preliminary data of the energy exchange, so far the average wholesale price of electricity is in the current month at 226 euros / MWh, when in October the average price was 198.32 euros / MWh. In other words, an increase of 14% is recorded.

What do these price increases mean for consumers? Household bills are already starting to arrive with inflated bills due to wholesale clauses.

In the clearing invoices received by consumers during this period, which cover the period from July to October, the adjustment clause is more than double the energy charge.

Indicatively in an invoice of a private provider where the charge after the discount is of the order of 60 euros / MWh, the adjustment clause amounts to 100 euros / MWh raising the total charge to 160 euros / MWh.

This means that a household with a 4-month consumption of 1.5 MWh, will pay an energy charge of 90 euros and an adjustment clause of 150 euros, ie a total bill of 240 euros, not counting the subsidy, which for September is 9 euros and for October 18 euro.

Finally, it is reminded that the subsidy for the months of November and December will increase even more and will reach 39 euros / month, in order to mitigate for consumers the effects of the ongoing price rally.


Source From: Capital

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