Incredible tragedy: She lost two young children and her husband to brain cancer

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The human mind does not fit the tragedy experienced by a mother who lost her second son by cancer in the brain, one year after the death of her husband from the same disease.

5-year-old Milo Hughes from York England passed away this week, according to a Daily Mail article. Oscar’s 9-year-old brother had died of a brain tumor in 2014.

The little boy is the third member of the Hughes family to die of a brain tumor. Their father died in 2020.

Marie Hughes, 44, also lost her husband to a brain tumor last year. Shortly after the death of his 49-year-old father, Milo was diagnosed with brain cancer. THE mother The boy’s two brothers Seb and Lucas were with him when he died this week “surrounded by love, stories and even a little laughter”.

“We are sad but again all the wonderful memories we have are worth the pain we feel now. “The love from our family and friends was huge,” the mother said in a statement.

Milo was diagnosed with brain tumors a few weeks after his father died. Oscar had died in 2014, when he was 9 years old, after a long battle with the disease.

The father stood by Marie at the loss of her first son and then helped her set up an organization named after Oscar to help other children with similar cancers.

OSCAR’s (Ongoing, Support, Care And Research into) Paediatric Brain Tumor Charity aims to fund important research on childhood brain cancer.

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