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Incredible video of the moment an orca single-handedly kills a great white shark in just two minutes

When we think of the wildest animal on top of the ocean, the big one probably comes to mind white shark. But there may still be a contender for the top of the food chain.

For the first time, one killer whale he was seen single-handedly killing and consuming a great white shark – and in just two minutes. According to Daily Maila male orca nicknamed Starboard was caught on video killing a great white shark and removing its liver to devour, all in just two minutes.

According to National Geographic, it's the first time scientists have recorded one orca to single-handedly exterminate a great white shark, considered one of the deadliest predators of the seas. Orcas are generally known to work together to catch large prey such as sea lions, seals, other whales and sharks. Hunting as a group, they can surround prey and use their combined intelligence and strength to attack.

Starboard usually hunts with his relative, another male orca named Port, near Cape Town, South Africa. Their nicknames are derived from the words for “right” and “left” from English nautical terminology and refer to the side towards which their fin is bent.

The video published by the Daily Mail was recorded in June 2023 in the port of Mossel Bay. Starboard is shown killing a 2.4m juvenile great white shark and removing its nutrient-rich liver. The orca then passed in front of the cameraman's boat with the bloody instrument in its mouth.

Dr. Alison Towner led an international research team that analyzed the footage recorded by tourists on a nearby boat.

“What we saw was an orca, nicknamed Starboard – because of its damaged dorsal fin – that single-handedly attacked to consume a great white shark in an astonishing two-minute time frame,” the scientist said, adding: “It was observed hunting a young 2.5 meter white shark, who later carried the shark's liver in her mouth next to a boat.

The resolution of the shots surprised us. We didn't know she was able to grab this type of shark on her own and in such a quick time frame.

“It just shows how capable she is – a real super predator.”

Source: News Beast

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