India probes cough syrup allegedly responsible for the deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan

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The authorities in India they are doing a lot of research on an antitussive syrupwhich according to Uzbekistan allegedly responsible for the death of 18 children in the country, which had consumed it.

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“The results (of the investigation) are expected in a few days,” he told AFP Dinesh Tiwari, member of the drug control service. According to Tiwari, the syrups in question are not sold in India and their production has been ordered to stop.

Also, the Minister of Health Mansukh Madaviya tweeted that samples of the syrup have been taken and sent for analysis.

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It is noted that in Uzbekistan, the media reported on Wednesday that 18 children, aged between five months and four years, died of acute kidney failure after they were administered Doc-1 Max cough syrup. The country’s health ministry announced that the syrups were contaminated with ethylene glycol, a chemical, toxic substance used in the production of brake fluids, antifreeze, paints and some plastics as well as cosmetics.

Marion Biotech is the second Indian pharmaceutical company under investigation for cough syrups dangerous to health. In the fall, the Gambian government reported that at least 66 children died after being given cold medicine and cough syrups made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals. The World Health Organization explained that these drugs contained an “unacceptably high” amount of ethylene glycol.

Source: News Beast

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