India: Schools open, air pollution measures lifted

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The category of air pollution in India has been changed to “severe” from “very bad”, as a result of which the restrictions that had been imposed have been lifted. Thus primary schools will open on Wednesday in Delhi and work is being done again in the construction industry.

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In recent weeks the residents of the capital have been waking up to one foggy, gray sky. Every winter the air is colder and a yellowish and toxic fog fueled by clouds from the open burning of agricultural residues, emissions from industry and road transport, blankets this city of 20 million people.

Today the air quality index at almost all monitoring stations in the city was between 300 and 400 on the scale, which experts say causes respiratory diseases when exposure is prolonged. However, there was an improvement over last week where the same index was 400-500, which was described as severe.

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“The telecommuting guidelines have changed and offices are operating at full capacity from today,” local environment minister Gopal Rai told reporters.

Forecasts for further deterioration

Last week, the central and state governments ordered the closure of primary schools, banned diesel vehicles carrying non-essential goods and suspended most construction and demolition work in the capital region. of India.

As Rai said, demolition and construction works are still prohibited, but public works connected to highways will be allowed, APE-BPE reports, citing Reuters.

However, the Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research System wrote on its website that air quality is likely to worsen later this week.

Source: News Beast

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