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India: The “corruption bridge” collapsed for the second time in a year

A pendant bridge which is under construction in its poorest state of Indiacollapsed on Sunday (4/6), for the second time in 14 months.

The bridge was being built over the Ganges River in the Bhagalpur district of the eastern Indian state of Bihar. Eight workers were working on the bridge when it collapsed, and a guard is missing along with them.

The accident caused an uproar in India, as the bridge was being built for the second time at the same spot.

The previous one was demolished last year, again before its construction was completed, when the area was hit by a storm.

In the eastern state of Bihar, it is called “the bridge of corruption”. The opposition complains that many millions have been spent which ended up twice in the pockets of the politicians and in the waters of the Ganges.

Source: News Beast

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