India: With the “Aroma of Socialism” colony for victory in the regional elections

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In India, a party presented its own Perfume in order to seduce voters in the run-up to the regional elections, with a “fragrance of brotherhood, love and socialism” that can “put an end to hatred”, his officials said during the presentation. The name of the colony is “Aroma of Socialism”.

The fragrance, consisting of “22 natural extracts” with reference to the elections scheduled for early 2022 in the state Uttar Pradesh, presented by Samajwadi Party. In the bottle, in the colors of the party, red and green, dominates its logo, a bicycle. The image of the party leader also appears on the package, which is also in the same colors Achilles Yadav.

“When you use it, the anger and hatred that circulates will be defeated,” promised a party MP, who Puspratz Jane. “We will also present another perfume with 24 natural extracts” for the next elections, 2024, he added.

The perfume was distributed to journalists and party employees during a press conference, without specifying when and how voters will be able to obtain it.

According to Indian media, the party leader Achilles Yadav, former head of state, had already released four perfumes in 2016, inspired by four of his cities Uttar Pradesh, to celebrate the completion of four years in office.

THE Yadav he hopes his party will prevail Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party of the Hindu Prime Minister, Narendra Monti, in this state, which is the most populous in the country, with about 230 million inhabitants. However, his political opponents Yadav They did not let the fact go unnoticed and stated that the area has other more important problems and cannot be solved with a colony.

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