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“Indians are good people, we cannot generalize”, says Brazilian victim of gang rape

The Brazilian victim of gang rape in India this Friday (1st) made a video this Sunday (3) to thank the support, say that she is better and ask that there be no prejudice against the Asian country. The recording was published on the profile that she and her husband — Fernanda and Vicente — maintain on social media to share stories about their motorcycle trips around the world.

The sexual violence occurred in Dumka district, Jharkhand state, where they had decided to camp in a remote area. They were attacked by the group in the tent where they were going to spend the night. She — a Brazilian with Spanish citizenship — reports having been abused by at least seven men. Three suspects were arrested by police, who say they have identified all the perpetrators of the attack.

Travelers were also robbed and Vicente, who is Spanish, reports having been threatened with a knife to the neck. “They hit me several times with a helmet and hit my head with a stone,” he said, in a previously published video.

The complaint was reported on Saturday (2), shortly after the incident. But as the agents only knew how to speak Hindi, the local language, authorities only knew it was a rape when they both arrived at the hospital.

“This video is to tell everyone that we are better and thank you for all your support. The police are doing everything they can to capture the criminals who are still at large,” said Vicente in the recording released on the @vueltaalmundoenmoto channel this Sunday.

In a video published this Sunday, on the couple's travel channel, Vicente thanks him for the support he received and also says he believes in the work of the police. Both also mention that crime cannot be associated with India, which offers incredible experiences for those who visit.

“Don’t think India is like that, because it’s not true,” he said. “Indians are good people. We found some undesirable ones, but we cannot generalize”, added Fernanda.

Previously, on her own profile, Fernanda published a video about the incident. “My face looks like this, but that's not what hurts me the most. I thought we were going to die, but thank God we are alive”, she said, showing her badly bruised face.

Source: CNN Brasil

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