Indonesia: At least seven dead in gold mine buried by landslide

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Unpleasant are the news arising from the Indonesiawhere About 20 workers were trapped in gold mine shafts in West Kalimantan province after a landslide hit the seven people were killed.

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According to a search and rescue official at the mine, five people were injuredwhile the fate of the remaining eight workers who were trapped is unknown.

It is recalled that according to the head of the rescue operation, Eric Subbariano, authorities were notified of the incident 24 hours later. “We received the information on Friday night and immediately sent rescuers to the scene,” he told Xinhua news agency.

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The search and rescue operation is extremely difficult due to the terrain morphology, combined with the landslide caused by the heavy rains of the last few days. Soldiers and villagers assist in the operation, as the hours pass and hope of finding the unfortunate workers alive fades away.

Source: News Beast

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