Indonesia: Semeru volcano erupts, spewing ash into the sky

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The Semeros volcano Indonesia, in East Java, exploded today, spewing clouds of smoke and ash, resulting in locals rushing to nearby areas, including Lumajang.

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No damage to buildings or injuries were reported, it became known in a statement of the Disaster Management Authority of the country (BNPB), where it added that its local branch installs tents for those who were removed from their homes.

A video released by the BNPB shows locals running as the smoke and ash rising cover villages in East Java province.

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Volcanic ash and hot air masses were recorded in the area around 3pm local time, said Abdul Mouhari, a BNPB official.

Torikul Haq, head of Lumajang district near Semeru, told Reuters that the road and bridge connecting Lumajang to the neighboring city of Malang had been damaged.

“It is a very stressful, rapidly evolving situation, since the volcano erupted”, he noted, adding that evacuations of areas are in progress.

Semeru is among the 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

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