Industry confidence falls in all sectors and regions in November, says CNI

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Industry confidence dropped across the board in November, according to the Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index (Icei) of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) released this Thursday (24).

The indicator pointed to a drop in optimism in the 29 sectors surveyed, in all five regions of the country, and also in all types of company size – small, medium and large.

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In the extractive industry, the score that measures confidence fell from 59.3 in October to 53.6 in November. In the construction industry, the drop was from 60.1 to 53.9 and, in the manufacturing industry, it dropped from 60.2 to 51.6.

The Icei has a scale of zero to 100. Scores above 50 indicate confidence and below indicate lack of confidence.

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The biggest drop occurred in the wood industry, with a loss of 14.1 points (from 59.1 to 45). In addition to this, another seven sectors crossed to scores below 50, while 21 segments, despite the retreats, remain in the optimistic field.

Pharmaceuticals (57.8) and beverage manufacturers (55.4) recorded the highest scores for the month, while, at the other end, the furniture industry (47.4) and the wood industry (45) had the worst .

Among the regions, the South had the biggest drop and also moved into the lack of confidence terrain, with 9.9 points less and a score of 49.

In the Southeast, Midwest, North and Northeast regions, the declines in the ICEI were, respectively, 8.7, 7.8, 6 and 6.2 points. The North region maintains the highest level, at 56.7 points.

In the breakdown by size, small industries saw a retraction of 7.4 points in November (to 51.3), medium-sized industries, with the biggest drop, lost 10 points (to 51.2), and, in large ones, the drop was 7.7 points (to 52.8).

Source: CNN Brasil

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