Inep calls the supposed interference in Enem an “inference”

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Inep responded to the Federal Court of São Paulo that it is an illusion to say that there was access by strangers in the environments of preparation and printing of the National High School Exam (Enem) exams. The suspicion came to light after the series of layoffs at the institute, revealed by the CNN. Inep says that on the day of the test there will be the presence of experts from the Federal Police, with knowledge in logistics and information technology, in the institute’s building, in Brasília.

The manifestation was forwarded by Inep, on Thursday (18), to the Federal Civil Court of São Paulo. In it, the institute asks the Court not to accept the action filed by the Public Defender of the Union, which demands from the government, within 24 hours, various information about the organization of Enem.

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Inep argues that sending the information could contribute to the production of evidence against itself, which could be used to support future action by public defenders. “What can be seen is that the plaintiff, starting from mere inferences, intends, without any justification, to make use of the expedient to institute a true judicial inquiry in the concrete case”, affirms Inep.

Among the requests, the Defender’s Office tries to find out what measures were and are being adopted so that the departure of Inep’s servers does not interfere with Enem; if there was access to the content of the test by people outside Inep and if there was exclusion, and by determination of who, of items in the test.

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Amidst much criticism, especially from servers, Inep has avoided answering questions from the press. To justice, he defended Enem, which he says he considers “one of the most important public policies for education in Brazil”.

Inep also states that “threatening or preventing the exam, to undermine their credibility, is to deprive these young people of the possibility of accessing quality education and a better future, with the necessary insertion in the labor market”, he points out.

About the dismissal of nearly 40 Enem coordinators, Inep avoided going into details about the reasons for the disbandment. But he stated at the judicial demonstration that the dismissals are not yet in effect because they were not published in the Federal Official Gazette.

According to the government, the resigners are part of a response group to incidents and crises in the application of the Enem and that, despite requests for dismissal, there was a selection of sufficient employees to work on duty scale in the preparations and on the day of the exams. .

Reference: CNN Brasil

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